Why Al Quran School is Best Quran Learning School
Why Al Quran School is Best Quran Learning School?

Let’s learn Quran in the comfort of home with Al Quran School UK. We are one of the best Quran Learning school for all age groups. We have a professional staff and a healthy teaching environment. Also, the tools and apps we use for teaching are our own and not taken from any third party.

We are the top learning Quran School and can be reached with just one click. We are open to teaching those who are eager about learning the teachings of Islam through the Quran. AlQuran School offers several courses in which our teachers use unique tools. Last but not least, you’ll get everything you need to learn on this platform.

1. Why Choose Us?

Well, the answer is simple. We offer tons of courses and much more under one roof. Let us give you a short tour of some of them;

  • Cost-Effective Courses:

We provide free registration and free trial classes with a pocket-friendly fee as compared to other platforms. We know well that not everyone can pay high fees, so we take fewer fees from our students so that everyone can avail our courses.

  • One-on-One Sessions:

Mostly, in madrasah, the students are unable to interact with the teacher separately due to the crowd of students and the same goes for teachers. For this purpose, we are open to providing one-on-one classes so that the teacher-student interaction is strong and helpful.

  • Female/ Male Teachers:

We have female teachers for the girls and women while male for the boys and men. Mostly, each gender feels comfortable with the same gender teacher. Furthermore, it’s up to the students whom they pick as a tutor.

  • Flexible Timings:

In today’s busy life it’s difficult to attend any Quran institute. To tackle this issue, and make learning Quran easy for you, we do not have to fix class timings. The student can join a class or watch recorded lectures whenever they want.

  • Offer Different Courses:

Confused regarding where to go for taking online Quran courses? Worry not, we are here to serve you with different courses. Some of them are;

2. Online Tajweed Courses:

The most important part of the Quran recitation is tajweed. Understanding the basic rules of Quran recitation are very important. Tajweed must be learned so that the reader doesn’t make any mistakes while recitation and delivers the true meaning of the Quran. It’s said if the Quran is recited without knowing tajweed, there are chances a reader may mistake, and indirectly, it will lead to sin. A reader must fulfill the right of the Quran by learning the rules of Tajweed.

3. Noorani Qaida Course:

The Qaida is for little kids and beginners especially. The reader learns to recognize a letter, be able to read it, and in the end join letters to make a word and then link those words to make a sentence. In Noorani Qaida Course, there are many things that exist.

4. Quran Memorization Course:

At our learning Quran school, we offer Quran memorization courses. There is a proper pattern of memorizing the Quran which is designed and handled by our professional staff. The student can learn Quran with fluency through the guidance of tutors.


Al Quran School UK is one of the best platforms where you can get your kids enrolled and make them learn about the Quran. The above-mentioned courses are some of the basic ones which we offer. However, you’ll end up enjoying many benefits with us. Happy reading!

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