Learning and Memorization Courses for Kids
Quran Learning and Memorization Courses for Kids

1. What Are Quran Memorization Courses?

To learn the Quran, one must learn it. Learning the Quran is a blessing of God. One puts heart and soul into memorizing the Quran. Allah rewards those who memorize Quran and Allah blesses them with immense respect and love. Quran memorization courses can help you to learn Quran online affordably. Our Prophet P.B.U.H said, “Whoever recites the Quran and memorizes it, making lawful what it makes lawful, and unlawful what it makes unlawful, Allah will admit him to Paradise due to it, and grant him intercession for ten of his family members who were to be consigned to the Fire.”

However, it is in our hands how we rear our children. It can be done by doing good deeds because children follow what their parents do. The responsibility lies upon the parents to teach their kids the best way of living life according to the teaching of Allah and His Prophet.

2. What Age Is Best For Kids To Learn Quran?

According to the research, 4 years of age is considered to be perfect for learning. But it doesn’t mean that every kid should start learning at the age of 4. However, at an early age, the kids learn things quickly. The First 5 years of a kid’s life are crucial to teach them things that give them benefit in the life to come.

As far as learning Quran for kids is concerned, some kids learn the recitation and memorize the Quran in less time while some take time. Every kid has a different learning capacity. So, there’s nothing to worry about it. Moreover, in this article, the importance and ways of taking a Quran memorization course will be discussed.

3. Benefits of Learning & Memorizing Quran For Kids:

Some of the benefits are discussed below to clarify the importance of teaching kids the Quran;

  • Peace Of Mind & Soul:

Children may not understand the value of reciting and learning the Quran at such an early age. But if they are habitual in reading Quran daily, when they grow up they will understand the glory of the Quran and will rely on its teachings. Moreover, reciting Quran brings peace, serenity, and solace to one’s mind and soul.

  • Better Knowledge Of Islam:

Islam is a beautiful religion and Quran is a miracle. To live a happy life in this world and the world hereafter, teaching your kids the value of Islam is a must, for they take with themselves what you teach them. And last but not least, seeking knowledge at a young age is like engraving on a stone.

  • Growing Strong Bond Between Parent-Kid:

Parents are the first teacher to their kids. They act the way they are taught. In many cases, parents prefer to teach their kids the Quran. The kids get to know the value of parents through the teachings mentioned in the Quran. And with time, the bond between the parents and the kids becomes stronger.

  • Better Understanding Of the Quran:

Learning and understanding the Quran at an early age leads to becoming a better Muslim. The kid learns about the ways of living life in this world, doing good deeds, pleasing people of God for the sake of Allah, and doing things for which Allah has announced the reward in the world and the life hereafter.

4. How Can Kids Memorize & Learn The Quran?

There are a few main methods to learn the Quran:

  • Parents Should Serve As A Tutor:

If a parent knows the proper methods of teaching the Quran then they should teach their kids instead of sending them away for learning the Quran.

  • An Online Quran School:

Many online platforms are offering Quran memorization courses. In today’s busy routine, it may be difficult for parents to find any madrasah for them. To tackle this problem online platforms have created ease by giving Quran memorization courses in the comfort of home.

  • Any Nearby Madrasah:

If you have a Quran institute or a madrasah nearby your place, then you can send your kids there. They will get to learn the Quran in a competitive environment and under the supervision of highly professional staff.

  • Private Teacher For Quran:

If you don’t want to send your kid away to learn Quran, you can hire a tutor who can come home and offer classes. This way, the kid will be under your supervision and you’ll get to know the behavior of the tutor as well. Most importantly, the tutor won’t be able to scold or harm your little one as most of the teachers do in mosques and madrasahs.


Quran is a blessing for Muslims. It must be taught to kids at an early age so that the teachings of the Quran are engraved on their hearts and in their minds. The purpose of teaching the Quran is all about turning your kids into better humans. And if taught and raised well, they will lead a happy life along with spreading happiness among others.

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