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Best Online Quran Classes for Beginners, Adults & Kids in UK

Learn Quran, Tajweed, Arabic , Hifz and Islamic Studies with well-trained & the most competent male & female, UK based teachers.


One On One Live Quran Classes for Beginners, Adults & Kids

Online quran sessions are one on one. Our online Quran School offers live online quran sessions for your better guidance. You can ask questions and get their answers right away. This enhances your learning experience.

Onlin Quran Courses For Beginners, Adults & Kids

We offer online Quran tuition service with well-trained male and female quran teachers. They offer best online Quran classes for Beginners, Adults & Kids including autistic children, through a friendly, motivating, and encouraging style to make the Quran classes fun, understandable and exciting.  

Free Trial Classes

We offer you free trial period before starting actual Quran learning classes for Beginners, Adults & Kids so that you can find the best combination of tutor, time and schedule. You can evaluate quality of Quran teaching service. 

Egyptian Arab Male & Female Tutors

We have very competent and professional English speaking Quran tutors. We offer both male and female teaching staff for online Quran tuition service. They teach you through a friendly, motivating, and encouraging style to make the Quran classes fun, understandable, and exciting.

The tutors are mainly from Arab background and they are qualified from world renowned universities and institutions Including Al Azhar University. We offer a free trial period so that you can find the best combination of tutors, time, and schedule before signing up. You can evaluate the quality of Quran teaching service.  Why not try a free trial session today?


Online Quran Classes for Kids Beginners, Adults

Online Quran classes beginners, adults & kids  is a better substitute for madrassas and home Quran tuition and your go-to if you have an ever-changing schedule or cannot visit a madrassa. Also, you can change your online tutors to get the best learning experience. We have a team of both qualified male and female Quran tutors. 

We offer our services to thousands of students. We teach them Islamic teachings, Quran, and Arabic language for half an hour, daily. The sole purpose of the Online Quran School is to teach Quran, Islam, and Arabic to children and grown-ups. 

We run Quran and Arabic teaching services for 24 hours straight. The services offered by this school are available in the UK, USA, CanadaAustralia , and the rest of the Europe. We teach the students through many creative teaching programs. We have incorporated such measures to make the Quranic learning effective and understandable for you. Student support is also available for you 24/7.

Access the Quran’s treasures from the comfort of your home with our online Quran teaching platform. You or your kids won’t have to leave home to learn the Quran. Everything will be done with just a click. 

We have a dedicated team of professional teachers who are ijazah holders and perform their job efficiently. Furthermore, we have male and female teachers so you can hire one of your choices from anywhere in the world. 

Since one cannot read or learn the Quran overnight, we offer a series of courses so that you or your kids can benefit from it. One of our most demanded courses is Online Quran classes for Beginners, Adults & Kids. It focuses on the basics of teaching the Quran, such as understanding the concept of Tajweed and recognizing letters and words.

Alongside this, another course in the streamline is our online Arabic classes. Arabic is the language of God, and it is beautiful to learn it. Luckiest are those who know Arabic and understand every meaning of the verses in the Quran while reciting it.

We also offer learning Quran online classes for Beginners, Adults & Kids which have learning difficulties.  The teachers have special training and have expertise to teach those who have autism.

So, if you want to be among those luckiest people, contact us now, and enrol yourself or your kids in any of our courses.

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Online Quran Reading Classes

Learn Tajweed Online​-

Learn Tajweed Online

Hifzul Quran Online classes

Memorize Quran Online

Get Registered For Free Trial Classes

We offer one to two free trial sessions. If you are happy with the teacher then you can choose your price plan and can start your regular classes. You can register to start with free online Quran classes.

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Our Dedicated Online Quran & Arabic Teachers

Learn From the Best & Selected Tutors
Hajar Aboelwafa Suliman

Hajar Aboelwafa Suliman

I am a Hafidha. I am graduated from Al Azhar University. I have specialisation in teaching Qira’t & Tajweed rules. I am an ijazah holder from highly reputable Egyptian scholars.

Marwah Sayed alsherbiny

Marwah Sayed alsherbiny

I am an online female Quran and Arabic teacher. I am a native Arabic speaker. I am qualified from Al-Azhar University. I am teaching Quran from five years. I have Ijaazah in Hafs An Asim.

female teacher icon

Nourhan Yusuf Syed kamal

I am an Egyptian Female Quran teacher. I did graduation from the faculty of languages. I have seven years’ experience of teaching Quran Quran with Tajweed to sisters and children. I memorised the whole Quran


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