Holy Quran Learning for Kids

We offer Holy Quran Learning for both kids and adults alike. Your children and you can learn the Book of Allah via online apps such as Zoom and Skype. We will make your child an expert in Quran knowledge, recitation, translation, and memorization in 5 to 6 months of time duration.

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Courses we offer:


We offer a basic ‘Islamiyat’ course for your child to teach them about the basic teachings of Islam. These basic teachings are essential for your child before we teach him Holy Quran. We will teach them the following topics in this course:


  • Oneness of Allah and Khatam e Nabuyat
  • The revelation of the Holy Quran
  • Preaching of Holy Prophet (PBUH)
  • Time of Makkah
  • Time of Madinah
  • Famous Battles of Islam
  • 5 Pillars of Islam
  • Four Caliphs of Islam
  • Wives of Holy Prophet (PBUH)
  • 12 Imams
  • Companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH)
  • Incident of Karbala
  • Hadiths

Arabic Learning

Arabic Learning course is essential to learn the Holy Quran as your child must be familiar with this language to learn the Holy Quran. Qualified native Arabic teachers will be appointed to teach your child the basics of the Arabic language.


If you want your child to learn recitation of the Quran effectively, you are on the correct page. We offer your child the guidance of qualified Qaris who will make them learn Tajweed and do Qirrat in a beautiful and soulful manner.

Qaidah Learning

Qaidah is the foundation of learning the Holy Quran. We will teach your child how to read the Qaidah and form words so that he can later read Holy Quran. We will make your child repeat the Qaidah until and unless they become an expert in it. Our qualified tutors will use effective techniques for your child to learn the Qaidah quickly.


Translation of the Holy Quran is an important part of learning the Holy Quran. Learning Quran without knowing its meaning is not very useful as the Book of Allah is sent to us for guidance. Thus, we shall know the meaning of the Holy Quran to benefit from its’ guidance. We will teach your children the Quran with translation and explain the meaning of it to them too.

Memorization of Holy Quran

A person of any age can memorize Holy Quran, and they are the blessed ones by Allah. We offer this course to help your child memorize the Holy Quran. Your child will become a ‘Hafiz’ in about 6 to 7 months. Your child can also memorize a few selected long or short Surahs, some parts of the Quran, or complete Book.

The need for kids to learn Holy Quran

Teaching your kid Quran at an early age is very important for the development of their character and mind. If you teach your kid Quran at an early age, it saves them from many bad deeds as they grow up. They tend to develop a love for the Holy Book of Allah from early on.


Also, under the right guidance of the Holy Quran, they will be able to preach the religion of Allah to others. The reason for the downfall of Muslims is that they have left Holy Quran and have fallen prey to worldly goods. We do not remember that how important it is to follow the teaching and light of the Quran, which was bestowed upon us as guidance from the heavens and thus, we have fallen prey to depression and despair.  Hence, we shall learn the Quran and teach it to our kids who are beacons of the future.

How do we teach Quran to your kids?

Expert Male and Female Teachers

We have a staff of qualified male and female Quran teachers for the right guidance of your child. All the teachers are punctual and will be kind to your kid. They will stay in touch with you and regularly monitor the performance of your child.

Effective Techniques for Quick Learning of your child

We are well aware that teaching children is a tough task and so, we use various techniques to make them learn the Holy Quran quickly. We prepare the children mentally and make the Quran learning easy for them by being friendly with them so that they can ask questions without hesitating.

Lessons Arrangement

We offer about 2 to 6 lessons per week for your child, depending on their capacity and schedule. We offer a flexible schedule for your and your child’s ease. Your child can take lessons daily after school or on weekends. The time duration for each lesson ranges from 45 minutes to one hour.

What do you need to join us?

You need the following equipment to join us:


1)- Technical device with a screen big enough for your child to see properly, like a tab device, personal computer, or a laptop


2)- A good speedy 3G or 4G internet service


3)- A Zoom or Skype ID which shall be based on your child’s username

Learning Quran online

Why Choose Us?

  • Your child shall join us for Quran learning because we have a high success rate. We have numerous students who have successfully learned the whole Holy Quran or parts of it.
  • We do not require any registration fees; you can directly join the online classes with direct payment. Also, we provide your child an opportunity to take a free trial class before signing up for the main classes.
  • We have a qualified staff of Quran teachers from whom you can select. We also provide you with the option to change the tutor of your child until you find the most suitable one.
  • We offer one-on-one sessions for quick learning of your child. One-on-one sessions have a 30 percent more effective rate of learning as compared to group classes.
  • You can keep a check on the performance of your child as you can record the online classes or stay in the same room to monitor them. Also, Madrassas and home Quran tutoring has rising security concerns for your child in the contemporary day and age, so online classes are a better option.
  • Online Quran classes are cost-effective. Not driving to a madrassa or hosting a home tutor will save your additional costs of fuel and eatables. Also, it is better to sign up your child for an online session during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their health is highly important as only a healthy child will be able to effectively learn the Quran.
  • We offer your child a flexible schedule for taking classes. They can take classes at any time during the day without any constraints of time and place.
  • We will also give your child home assignments for learning the Holy Quran. It will aid in their quick learning and will keep them busy.
  • Also, we will keep updating you about the progress of your child weekly. We will hold weekly tests of your child to assess their progress and will send you the results directly.

It is the right time to join us, thus click on the ‘Contact Us’ button. We can start right away for the better development of your child as a good Muslim.

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