What are the Easier Ways to Learn the Quran for Kids

As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. So, when a child grows up, the parent must look after its upbringing. It can involve socialization, schooling, and teaching of Islamic education. 

Like every other aspect of growth, education in Islam is also very important for a kid. The first five years of a kid’s life are crucial for learning; this is when you can introduce them to Islam through the Quran. 

When teaching the Quran to kids, don’t rush or be harsh to your little ones. Forcing them to learn the Quran can agitate and demotivate them. Instead, follow these tips to help your children learn the Quran easily.

Tips to Make Your Kids Learn the Quran Easily

Kids love to do things the fun way, be it sitting, walking, eating, or sleeping. At their age, nothing serious interests them; what attracts them the most is a fun time, toys, and playing. Given the circumstances, you need to make Qurab learning interactive by involving playful activities. Without further ado, let’s know what those activities are.

Story O’Clock

Kids are little angels who believe in things you tell them in the form of a story. You can teach them the Quran by telling them stories of the Prophets before their bedtime. You can do that by buying them storybooks. Doing so will instill interest in them, and eventually, they’ll also be inclined towards book reading. As a result, they’ll become curious to explore their religion, and reading the stories of the Prophets will integrate good habits into them.

Audio & Visual Learning

You can follow the abovementioned tactic by playing audio stories to your kids. In addition, you can play short movies based on the life of prophets in front of your kids. This way, they’ll learn more about their Prophets. According to studies, visual learning is more effective in children as it results in storing data in long-term memory.

Digital Prayer Mat

Nowadays, you’ll find prayer mats with built-in sound systems for kids. These prayer mats have an audio guidance system for all five prayers. Turning on the button for one of the prayers will teach the kid how to offer namaz. Moreover, your kid will have fun on such a prayer mat, and they’ll be able to learn how to offer a prayer.

Your Acts Count the Most

Children follow their parents in every way. Moreover, actions speak louder than words, so don’t expect your child to follow Islam if you don’t do so. First, you must offer prayer and read the Quran before them so they can imitate your actions and get on the right path.

Reward Your Kids

Kids love gifts in return for their little deeds. You can attract them towards the Quran by rewarding them for reading it. It’s one of the best and most effective motivations for kids, and in a short period, you’ll notice a significant change in their behavior.

Teach them the Basics of the Quran

You can begin teaching the Quran to kids through Nooraini Qaida. You can introduce them to Arabic letters and words. Also, the learning process should involve repeating Arabic letters and words so the kid doesn’t forget them. Revision plays a crucial role in learning things in the long term. As you repeat the memorized things on a daily basis, the stored data in short-term memory makes its way into the long-term memory. Upon the transfer of data into long-term memory, the stuff you’ve learned remains there forever.

Hire a Tutor

If you feel you can’t teach your kids the Quran due to a tough routine, you can hire a tutor. You can do this by hiring a tutor online. Numerous online Quran academies have been serving for years. This way, your kid can learn the Quran from home. Most importantly, you can monitor his interaction with the teacher during the class and how his teacher treats him. That being said, online itching involves an interactive learning session with evaluation. When you enroll your kid in one of the Quran learning programs, you’ll notice a significant change in him with every passing day.

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