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How to Teach My Children The Holy Quran?

The Quran isn’t always an everyday e-book for Muslims but a complete holy ebook that teaches us many stuff we might now not have acknowledged with out it. The Quran gives us a feel of course in existence.

Therefore, it’s far incumbent on every Muslim, old and young, to learn how to look at and recognize the Quran. Learning and education the Quran ought to begin from an early age. This article will try and see some methods of coaching our kids the Quran.

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The Basics of Learning the Quran

Children are gifted, analyze things fast, and function an top notch memory. When want to we educate the Quran to our kids, you will likely ask? The high-quality time to start education the Quran to children is while they may be about four-6 years of age. How? Kids at this age do no longer know a manner to have a look at or write.

Therefore, you want to try to have them memorize the Quran via listening to the recitation of the Quran and repeating it. The pleasant surahs that youngsters can memorize with out issue and quick are the fast surahs in the final juz of the Quran.

For example, you may train them surahs, consisting of Fatiha, Kawthar, Fil, Quraysh, and Qadr. Kids can with out issue memorize those surahs. You need to read each verse word by way of phrase and ask them to repeat after you.

Kids can with out issues get bored as some distance as training is involved. Consequently, it might be remarkable to try to make the mastering device amusing and interesting. One way of attaining this is via telling the memories of the surahs.

Manners of Reading The Quran

For example, tell them how Surah Qadr is ready a completely unique night time within the month of Ramadan on which the Noble Quran have become discovered, and every remember is decided on that night. Tell them how this night time may be very valuable and is higher than one thousand months. Therefore, Allah multiplies each specific deed that people do in this night time.

By telling memories of the Quran and incorporating other amusing activities into studying the Quran, kids turns into eager to study and memorize the Quran.

The Quran is the book of Allah and merits to be treated rightfully. We ought to provide an reason for the importance of the Quran to our children. We have to tell them they must now not depart the Quran on the ground so no one ought to through danger step on it.

We have to no longer increase our legs in the direction of the Quran on the equal time as reciting it. It is surprisingly advocated that the Quran be located inside the maximum place in the house, along with the top shelf of your bookshelf.


These are a few methods of respecting the Quran outwardly. What is extra crucial is respecting the Quran inwardly. For example, we must examine precisely what Allah has cautioned us to do inside the Quran, including praying on time, giving zakat, fasting within the route of Ramadan, and supporting our pals and friends.

By explaining those gadgets to youngsters, they’ll be able to higher relate to the Quran and exercise and placed into effect the classes of the Quran in their lives.

The Quran Is Unique

We want to examine the Quran from a one among a type perspective. We all recognise that the Quran is not an ordinary e book that simply tells reminiscences, explains religious prison guidelines, and so forth. Much, lots extra than that, the Quran is an great manual to dwelling and essential a wealthy lifestyles in this worldwide and the hereafter.

The Quran tells us many things, consisting of the dos and don’ts of life, how we need to address others, how we should act in tough situations, and commonly seeing Allah gift anyplace we cross and in some thing state. Therefore, the Quran opens a direction as a manner to take us to our final vacation spot, eternal bliss.

We should teach our youngsters these items to effects draw near the idea. For instance, we have to tell them, “Did you understand that it’s far a totally lethal sin to talk in the again of a person’s lower back? It is like eating the useless flesh of your brother or sister in religion even as you hate it.”

Teaching Reading of the Quran

Learning to look at the Quran is some different essential element we need to train our kids. Usually, we or instructors of the Quran need to teach children who are at college age to study the Quran. Fortunately, the language of the Quran is simple to apprehend, and youngsters from numerous nationalities can research it.

Perhaps this is every other miracle of the Quran. Learning the Quran ought to begin with training kids the Arabic alphabet and its sounds. Afterward, they have to learn the quick and prolonged vowels. Then they may be able to study different factors of the Arabic language, which includes sukun, shaddah, tanween, and madd.

Teaching Tajweed

As children get older and attain the age of puberty, it’s time to teach them a few greater superior guidelines of Quran recitation. We want to train tajweed to them. Tajweed manner beautification of recitation this is done thru gaining knowledge of nice advanced articulatory tips. By mastering Quran with tajweed, your recitation could sound extra true and Arabic.

However, it’s far crucial which you do now not teach your youngsters all the guidelines of tajweed at once. You need to take a step-through-step technique and ensure they have mastered one tajweed rule in advance than shifting to the following.

Some tajweed guidelines include the sounds of the letters, idgham or merging of letters, the mudud or lengthening of prolonged vowels, and qalqalah or mild motion of the sound of a letter. As I stated, at the same time as youngsters come to be older and reap the age of puberty, they could learn the advanced guidelines of tajweed.

Take Online Quran Classes

Nowadays, people have tested outstanding interest in studying topics online because of its advantages and fitness concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning to study, memorize, and recognize the Quran for children isn’t always any exception. Learning the Quran through on-line Quran classes for kids proves to be a very safe, secure, and exciting way to look at the Quran.

Usually, the classes are held the usage of video chat and video conference. Students and instructors could have interplay with out problems as if they’re in a bodily magnificence, all on the equal time as inside the consolation in their very own houses. The things we explained and mentioned also can be located through on line Quran instructions.

The proper issue about online Quran training is that you can honestly locate the excellent teacher from every other side of the area, some element that is almost impossible if one changed into to attend a physical elegance in a unmarried’s very very own metropolis or u . S . A ..


Teaching your children the Quran could possibly seem to be an terrific challenge. It isn’t if you comply with high quality small steps as kids get older and mature. You your self or a Quran instructor can educate the Quran in your children. First, you have to attempt to work at the fundamentals of the Quran together with your children.

This manner assisting them memorize critical surahs of the Quran. Meanwhile, kids should learn the importance of the Quran of their each day lives. Furthermore, studying to study the Quran and tajweed lets in them to gather an increasing number of rewards. Online Quran instructions have moreover received reputation and are taking the region of bodily instructions.

Everything that can be taught in bodily training can now be trained on line. Inshallah, we’re capable with the intention to train the Quran to our youngsters, lead them to eager on it, and enable them to exercise it of their lives.

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